Pet beds inspired by Game of Thrones


Here’s one for the pet who has everything, though you might find that once they have it they start looking at you in a slightly unnerving manner.

Inspired by Game of Thrones‘ famously uncomfortable-looking Iron Throne, Ukrainian designer Katetina Agafonova is producing a range of pet beds that can probably set the most laid-back pet dreaming of taming dragons and leading armour-clad warriors into battle.

While keeping the inspiration of the original, they’re also a lot more comfortable, says Agafonova. ‘Your pet will become the star of Instagram with this,’ she adds, ‘And if you have two pets they can easily share it, or maybe battle for the right to sit in it.’

The beds come in a range of sizes, or can be hand-made to order, and prices begin at around £200. To find out more, click here.


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