Renovo unveils whisky barrel bike


At first glance, single malt whisky and elegant road bikes may seem rather unlikely bedfellows, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have something in common.

Step forward US bike maker Renovo, which has unveiled a bicycle made from whisky casks – the Glenmorangie Original, in honour of the Scottish distillery whose barrels provide the raw material.


On or off road

The resulting wood-framed machine is no slouch on the road and, via a tyre change, is also able to take on cross-country tracks.

It features Shimano gears and hydraulic braking systems, plus a full-carbon fork and versatile Velocity wheels.

Renovo founder Ken Wheeler says he’s delighted to be working with the whisky brand and adds: ‘We’re dedicated to honouring wood in the creation of our bicycles. These beautiful machines, uniquely fashioned from Glenmorangie’s staves, will inspire anyone with a taste for innovation.’

Entitled the Glenmorangie Original Frame, this wooden wonder is on sale for $6,950 (£5,300).


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