Hebridean venison tops the menu


The Hebridean Food Company specialises in venison from wild red deer from the Amhuinnsuidhe Estate on the Isle of Harris.

Founded by 25-year-old Douglas Stewart, the business also sells a selection of seafood, organic beef and organic lamb, all with Hebridean provenance.

Amhuinnsuidhe is a long-standing sporting estate and the red deer roam freely within its hills and glens.


Fresh and natural

Says Stewart: ‘As with all the products we sell, we strive for as little intervention as possible between land, sea and plate. We want our customer to enjoy our products in as fresh and as natural a state as possible.’

Stewart founded the Hebridean Food Company in 2014 and numbers among his customers Selfridges and Whole Foods Market.

This summer, the company raised over £160,000 via a crowd-funding campaign.


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