South African artist creates unique Rolls-Royce


One of the intriguing features of Rolls-Royce’s flagship Phantom is the “gallery”; an interior space that spans the dash facia and is enclosed by a sheet of glass.

This gives Phantom owners the change to display their own artworks, hopefully something that isn’t too distracting when they’re out and about on the open road.


South African artistic legend

The first artist to add their unique stamp to a Phantom in this way is South Africa’s Dr Esther Mahlangu.

The 84-year-old Dr Mahlangu is renowned for her vibrant geometric abstract paintings and murals inspired by her nation’s Ndebele ethnic group.


With the goal of preserving her cultural heritage, Dr Mahlangu founded an art school at her home in the Mpumalanga province where she mentors young artists in the traditional style of Ndebele design.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of “The Mahlangu Phantom” will be donated to the school and will be used to support a retrospective exhibition that will celebrate the artist’s contribution to contemporary African art.


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