Classic 1950s concept cars on show


Three 1950s design classics are on show until 23 November at Phillips auction house on London’s Berkeley Square in an exhibition entitled Trinity: B.A.T 5-7-9.

The cars, B.A.T 5, B.A.T 7 and B.A.T.9, demonstrate the futuristic visions produced by designer Franco Scaglione for the Bertone coachbuilding firm.


Visions of the future

In 1950 Scaglione began a project entitled “Berlina Aerodinamica Tecnica” (BAT) which involved the creation of a collection of futuristic concept cars.

The trio of vehicles were unveiled at the Turin motor show in three consecutive years, beginning in 1953, to awestruck reviews.

Even today, the cars’ sleek lines and aerodynamic bodies echo the jet aircraft of the era, not to mention visions of the future current at the time.



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