Lamborghini unveils hybrid supercar


Lamborghini is the latest carmaker to take the hybrid route, with the release of its ‘Sian’ at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

‘Sian’ apparently means “flash of lightning” in the Bolognese dialect, hinting at the company’s novel thinking in releasing the car.

Throughout, the design team has stayed true to the firm’s distinctive wedge-like shape, while incorporating style elements that give a nod to predecessors such as the famous ‘Countach’ of the 1970s and 1980s.


Impressive performance

The car’s leather upholstery comes from famed Italian furniture company Poltrana Frau and for the first time the company has used 3D-printed parts in its creation.

The actual hybrid technology relies on supercapacitors rather than a lithium-ion battery pack. The firm says it has gone for this option because it is lighter and more powerful, generating 0-62mph in under 2.8 seconds plus a top speed of 218mph.

In recognition of Lamborghini’s foundation in 1963, only 63 of these machines are being made.

Retailing at around £400,000, all the production run has already been sold.


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