MB&F’s Aquapod brings deep-sea allure


It may look like a creature from the deep or some sort of Jules Verne-inspired undersea conveyance, but what we have here is the latest creation from luxury watch manufacturer MB&F.

Inspired by the jellyfish that designer Maximilian Büsser encountered on childhood holidays and entitled the HM7 Aquapod, this eye-catching timepiece features an array of concentric circles that combine to tell the time.


It might be alive…

Its intricate mechanism is visible, alive even, beneath a sapphire crystal dome, redolent of a deep-sea diver’s helmet, that sits in the centre of the piece – all adding to the feeling that this gleaming machine could really be some sort of living organism.

Like many a jellyfish, the HM7 also glows in the dark, giving off its own sense of phosphorescence from numerals, markers and winding rotor. Offering water resistance to 50m and a 72-hour power reserve, the watch is on the market at 108,000CHF (£79,500).




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